Install OS on a VPC

Create a new VPC, provide the name and location and click finish. Once created click Start on the VPC Console.
The VPC will not be able to boot as there is no OS (it may try to get an IP and stuff, click Esc if it does). You will be prompted to provide the location of a bootable file.
Drag the ISO file and put it on the CD icon in the bottom of the VPC image. Hit Enter. The installation will start. Then follow the instructions on the screen.


VPC Image: Unable to connect to internet when using Wireless connectivity on Host machine

You may see a message “ LAN Cable is unplugged” or may be others. I struggled to get an answer over a day of my weekend. The solution is simple but as it took me so long to figure this out, I am writing it here. Hope it saves sometime for few.

Click the Network Connections (the last icon) on the VPC image.  The “Settings for <> Window appears.
Select “Networking” and select appropriate wireless Adapter in the place holder for Adapter1 on the right hand side.
Once done…Bingo!!!…the internet just gallops..
Happy Learning!!!