AWS Boto – Key pair creation – Regions matter!!

I was trying to create an EC2 key-pair using AWS Python SDK’s (Boto) create_key_pair() method, something like:

key_name = 'BlockChainEC2InstanceKeyPair-1'    
def create_new_key_pair(key_name):
    newKey = objEC2.create_key_pair(key_name)

The keys are created as expected because I was able to fetch the keys using Boto’s get_all_key_pairs() method like below:

def get_all_keypairs():
         key= objEC2.get_all_key_pairs()

The get_all_key_pairs() method returns the result like below showing that the key pair exists:

<DescribeKeyPairsResponse xmlns="">

The problem was that when I logged onto my AWS console of the same account whose access keys I used to create the key pairs – I don’t get to see the newly created keys.

I posted this question to the ever helpful folks at Stack Overflow (here).

Based on the response I realized that Boto was creating the keys in its default configured region of US East while I was defaulting to US West when I log in to the AWS console.  I was able to view the newly created keys when I changed the region in my AWS console [EC2 >> Key Pairs].

The fix was to add the following code snippet to the boto.cfg file:

ec2_region_name = us-west-2



ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) – My take

I recently passed ISC2’s Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification.
While preparing for the certification I found that there are hardly any reviews shared by individuals who had already taken the test for the benefit of ones who plan to take it and want to get a test taker’s perspective.
So, here is my take in a QA format.

How long did I prepare for the exam?

Focussed study of around 40 hours spread over 4 weeks.
I already have following credentials that helped a lot in covering major aspects of the materials covered in CCSP:
  1. Cloud Security Alliance’s  CCSK
  2. ISC2 – CISSP
  3. I have more than 10 years of Software/Cloud Security Engineering and related professional experience.

What materials did I use for preparation?

1) The Official CBK – the first edition. I read a lot of bad reviews about the book but as far as providing relevant information goes, I found this book to be enough.
2) CCSK V3 Prep guide: I did read this for the following 4 domains:
  1. Architecture
  2. Operations
  3. Platform anf Infrastructure
  4. Data Security
Just this will not be enough to clear the CCSP exam but its good, quick “ a day before the exam” kind of refresher.

Is the exam worth the time and money?

Its not a hands on exam and rather checks the theoretical understanding of the concepts of Cloud engineering and the ability to apply those concepts to answer scenarios based questions.
In my opinion that theory and concept should always precede actual hands on work, and so yes this is a worthy investment.