Struggles at Learning WCF

I am using the book”Windows Communication Foundation Unleashed” by Craig McMurtry; Marc Mercuri; Nigel Watling; Matt Winkler to learn the intricacies of WCF.
I am really struggling with the configuration settings and get errors almost at every steps (even when blindly following the instructions in the book!). Listing some of the errors here for my reference.
I am trying to host my service on IIS 7
No protocol binding matches the given address ‘http://localhost:8000/XXXXX’. Protocol bindings are configured at the Site level in IIS or WAS configuration.
In the Web.config file, empty the endpoint address. While I had the following setting the above error was thrown:L
<endpoint contract="MyContractName"
                 binding=”basicHttpBinding”                 bindingConfiguration=”bindingSettings”
address=”http://localhost:8000/XXXXX” />

I made the change below for the service to be hosted successfully:
<endpoint contract="MyContractName"
                 binding=”basicHttpBinding”                 bindingConfiguration=”bindingSettings”


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