Find width of a tree pointed by head

Considering that the width of the tree is defined as the maximum number of nodes at any one level, the following code should hold good. Drop a comment if you think that this code s***s [:)]

public void maxWidthBST(NodeType rootNode)
            int level=depthBST(rootNode);           
            int maxWidth=0;
            int intNodeCount=0;
            for(int counter=1; counter<=level;counter++)
                intNodeCount = NodeCount(rootNode, counter);
                    maxWidth = intNodeCount;
            Console.WriteLine(“The maximum width is: ” + maxWidth);

        public int NodeCount(NodeType root, int level)
            int LWidth=0;
            int RWidth=0;
            int totalNodesAtLevel=0;
            if(level<=0) return 0;
            if(level==1)return 1;
                if(root.Left !=null) LWidth=NodeCount(root.Left, level-1);
                if(root.Right !=null) RWidth= NodeCount(root.Right, level-1);
                totalNodesAtLevel = LWidth+RWidth;           
            return totalNodesAtLevel;


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