Few scribbles from Windows 8


Few quick findings on the new navigation system in Windows 8:

NoteSelect a tile in the desktop – tiled display: Just right click on the tile and the tick will appear at the top right hand corner.


The actions at the bottom are the ones that you can perform on the selected tile. These include:

  • Smaller – Make the tile display smaller
  • Uninstall – uninstall the program that the tile shortcuts to. Note that once you click uninstall all the programs related o that application will be removed.


  • Unpin – Remove the tile from the start group of tiled desktop display

NoteTo open the search window: n the keyboard press: image + F

image The scoping of the search can be done using the three options provided below the search textbox: Apps, Settings and Files. The moment you select one it will list all the programs/files that falls under that category and as you type, the ones not having the matching text will fall out.

Note To view/add the tabs of Internet Explorer from the tile display, right click anywhere on the currently open Internet explorer page; the tabs will appear at the top.



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